Watch YouTube videos offline – coming soon in India

Google today announced YouTube offline access with the launch of Android One program. According to Google, Indian smartphone user will able to watch YouTube videos offline.


The feature will be available in next few weeks and initially only Android users can take advantage. This feature will minimize expensive data fees by saving YouTube videos to watch offline. It’s still not clear that how Google will manage offline videos and advertising revenue.

May be the videos which you watch will be saved in user’s phone memory / SD card in cache version and later it will be available only through YouTube app only. This new feature will bring entirely new user experience as you can watch your previously favorite videos while you don’t have data connection. According to Google, you can watch your favorite videos whenever and wherever you want. For free.

There is also no information whether this feature will only available to Indian users or Google will made it available to all users around the World.

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Source : Google

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