Angry Birds Transformers will soon launch on Google Play

After months of teasing, Angry Birds Transformers has been soft launched in selected ends of the world. Angry Birds Fans of Finland and New Zealand will be the first ones to join the fight to find the EggSpark, with Canada and Australia set to follow soon afterwards.


In addition Rovio has also released a new gameplay trailer alongside a soft launch for its new title, which revealing that this won’t be your typical Angry Birds title.

Angry Birds Transformers is a 2D side-scrolling shoot ’em up game and not usual standard slingshot-powered shenanigans. This is an action game where feathery Autobirds blast their way through several background enemies, including Deceptihogs.

Angry Birds Transformers is currently released for iOS platform in only two countries and will be launched globally on iOS on October 15th but Android used will be able to play after thegame will be released globally on Google Play on October 30th. So enjoy the trailer and wait till released on Google Play.

Source : Rovio

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