Swing Copters for Android now available for download

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has finally made available his new game, Swing Copters for Android. The new game follows a nature similar to its predecessor, except this time you are trying to move up, instead of from left to right.


A little guy flying with a propeller attached to his helmet is the main character of this game. It’s a 2D game similar to Flappy Bird. It’s simple, yet very hard, a combination that will result in many a hair pulling session. You try again and again to get a score, that makes you addicted to the game.

The little guy flies vertically, you need to tap once to change the direction, creating a zig-zag flight pattern that makes it difficult to avoid each tier of swinging hammers. You need to get four medals to unlock more characters. The Android version lets you connect to the Game services so that you can compare your scores with your friends. Check out below video for how to play it. Do know there is no option but to continue playing after you start, though.

You can download Swing Copters from Google play store for free.

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