LG launches Puppy Pop the first G3 QuickCircle game

LG today announced the world’s first mobile game, called Puppy Pop developed exclusively for exclusively for LG G3 windowed QuickCircle case. The game aims to prove that QuickCircle can be as much about fun as function, that not only just protecting the G3, but also about adding functionality to it.
LG launches Puppy Pop the first G3 QuickCircle game
Now the owner of LG G3 will also have a bit of fun on-the-go with a free game, Puppy Pop inside the QuickCircle Case, in addition with being able to place calls, control the music player, take photos, or check the time without opening the case.

According to LG Newsroom

Puppy Pop is a match-three puzzle game developed by LG specifically for the G3 with QuickCircleTM Case to be played through the open window on the cover. Players accumulate points by drawing lines through three or more identical puppies, removing as many from the board before time runs out. Scores can then be shared on the player’s favorite social network site.

A fun and unique way to experience the QuickCircleTM Case, Puppy Pop also represents LG’s continuing effort to develop mobile content that enhances the functionality of its products. Puppy Pop is an example of the versatility and flexibility of the LG QCircle software development kit (SDK) available at developer.lge.com for developers to create new applications and functions for the QuickCircleTM Case.

Puppy Pop will be freely available via Google Play starting on July 23. LG not revealed yet if other QuickCircle games will be released anytime soon, but it’s clear that the company wants to move forward with this idea. Developers who are interested in creating new applications specifically for QuickCircle Case can download the LG QCircle SDK from LG’s website.

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