Download And Play Games That Don’t need Data Connection

People are always looking for offline games from Google Play but it’s very hard to find it without download and install games on device. It’s daily task of gamer to find offline games that don’t need data connection. But now Google will help you to download offline games.


Google comes to help gamers and curated a list of games that don’t require any sort of data connection to play games from Google Play Store. The list will be found under the title “Offline Games”, and features some of favorite games like Asphalt 8, Dots, Jetpack Joyride, Minecraft, Zombie World War, Into the Dead and many, many more. Though Some of the games listed may not offer all their features without a data connection, but you can easily play without data connection.

You can find list of games on Google Play and can entertain yourself when you traveling and your smartphone is in airplane mode. Enjoy the offline games!

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